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Post-it Conversation

Posted in research by Lin on January 14, 2010



I. Homepage

  • Database stats (examples of features, usage, etc)
  • Top 10 most visited artists
  • Event, Announcement, News Blog (paid service for companies)
  • Recent members
  • Explanation/mission statement
  • Hosting plan
  • Featured artist (random or based on something, archive)
  • Latest artworks (thumbnails, showcase)
  • Large artist image?
  • What’s new? box (members contribute to News feed)*
  • News/member feed (announcement title, artist name, date; separate URL for each post, flag, Digg/Delicious, Tweet)
  • News ticker (site news, member activity, etc)
  • email subscription signup
  • search box
  • calendar (iCal, Google Calendar integration?)
  • Suggested artist websites that member may like (based on tags?)*
  • Links to other social networks (placed with news feed widget?)

II. Navbar

  • Logo
  • Apply (check for username availability, password security)
  • User’s login
  • Call for artist section
  • About
  • Widget for news feed (for social networks or general/personal websites)
  • Support/knowledgebase (login, share what you know about hosting, FAQ forum/blog?, open so non-members can post/comment)

III. Misc

  • Mobile site?
  • Member pages
  • Member control panel
  • Project collaboration/discussion groups? (groups and solo artists)

* denotes logged in

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A little history and list of possible features for the new website

Posted in research by Owen on January 11, 2010 is a web hosting consortium for artists/designers, art organizations, and activists I created in 2004 while a director of Your Art Here.

The original plan, was that in addition to the very low costs, personal support, and feel-good non-profit nature, the website would network artists by providing not only links to members of the community, but also by featuring one artist or group each month on the website with an image and link to the member’s website. Unfortunately, this turned-out to be more work than expected for one person.

So, the goal of our project is to redesign the site to make it and the organization as sustainable as possible. I’ve listed important results to consider below.

  1. The main goal is to make the project sustainable. Here are some things I think will help that:
  2. Feature artists and galleries on the website.
  3. All news and arts content will be user-generated.
  4. Email announcements will be automated.
  5. Consider carrying advertisements on the website. See:
  6. What should we do to make more competitive (better hosting plans, support, etc.)?
  7. Add an easy-to-use CMS like for artist websites.
  8. How to make payments easier? (currently set-up as PayPal subscriptions but if user’s cc changes it breaks the subscription, and we have to set it up again.)

List any possible features you can think of in the comments!

  • Login section for members
  • Member pages that they can update
  • Member news that appears on 1. their page and 2. a public feed on the home page
  • Calendar of events (list or calendar view on Home page)