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Stages of Functional Boxes

Posted in coding, organization by Lin on February 21, 2010

Controller Nav

  • Stage 1: Empty links or links to static pages and functional Google search bar.
  • Stage 2: Working “Login”. Include member name, “Edit”, etc.
  • Stage 3: Some drop-down menus?

Featured/Events Big Image

  • Stage 1: Different picture upon refresh with overlapping div. Div will have transparent gif as background and text based on pic?
  • Stage 2: JQuery effect, control arrow?


  • Stage 1: Each link to static page or email client?
  • Stage 2: Drop-down menu that covers other content.
  • Stage 3: Drop-down that dynamically moves other content down?


  • Stage 1: List of a couple events in sentence form, maybe pictures? “View All Events”.
  • Stage 2: Calendar view using HTML and maybe JavaScript.
  • Stage 3: JQuery calendar.

Three Boxes

  • Stage 1: Content different upon refresh?
  • Stage 2: Numbered links below boxes, pagination?
  • Stage 3: JQuery cycling or fading.


  • Stage 1: Static images with links and “View All” if necessary.
  • Stage 2: JQuery vertical carousel or some fading effect?

Site Feed

  • Stage 1: Avatar, name, maybe date, and comment in separate div with border. “View All” if necessary.
  • Stage 2:  Include site stats. Apply comment div with an image border that changes size dynamically, perhaps change color depending on membership (admin or regular)?
  • Stage 3: Include member actions (“updated profile”, “added an event”, etc). Cute date. JQuery again.

Member Page

  • Stage 1: Member info, portfolio (w/ individual pages), and feed. “Share and Follow”.
  • Stage 2: Add comments and view count to individual image/video pages.
  • Stage 3: JQuery…
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About The Team

Posted in backend, coding, design, organization, research by callibeth on February 15, 2010

Aggregated information for the “About The Team” page. Chris, I haven’t received your information yet.

Brittany Morales
I am currently a senior at Florida State University. My major is Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and Web Design, and I have a minor in Film Studies. Writing good code makes me happy.

Braylin Morales
I am a senior who is graduating in May from Florida State University with a Studio Art major and Film minor. I enjoy using Adobe software to create graphics for just about anything. While in college, I found a hobby in website coding and I have been learning more about web design ever since.

Owen Mundy
Owen Mundy is an artist who works in photography, video, and digital media. He completed the U.S. Navy’s Defense Photography program (1994), has a BFA in Photography from Indiana University (2002), and an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of California, San Diego (2008). He is currently based in Tallahassee, FL and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at Florida State University.

Beth Lee

Beth Lee is a graphic designer focusing on web design and commercial lettering. She will graduate from Florida State University with a BFA in Graphic Design in May 2009.


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