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What is possible: A conversation

Posted in research by Owen on December 23, 2009

This blog organizes and documents a collaborative effort to redesign as a “crowdsourced” site. The new website will be database driven and allow members to add news updates and other content related to art exhibitions and events.

The first steps will be to consider what is possible. We’ll research and evaluate example sites that allow multiple users to update content (text and images) that have well-considered layouts with multiple “nodes” containing said content. For example, here are two great sites. is the free blogging site we’re using. Their home page (you may have to look at it with another browser if you’re logged-in) displays images and titles from the latest posts by a random selection of bloggers using their service. is the domain for Triple Canopy online magazine that features various creative and socially-conscious writings. Their home page includes a few of the recent ones.

Lastly, the home page for includes images and text from articles about tech and culture.

Continue the conversation by replying to this post with examples and comments about what is else is possible for this project!