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Stages of Functional Boxes

Posted in coding, organization by Lin on February 21, 2010

Controller Nav

  • Stage 1: Empty links or links to static pages and functional Google search bar.
  • Stage 2: Working “Login”. Include member name, “Edit”, etc.
  • Stage 3: Some drop-down menus?

Featured/Events Big Image

  • Stage 1: Different picture upon refresh with overlapping div. Div will have transparent gif as background and text based on pic?
  • Stage 2: JQuery effect, control arrow?


  • Stage 1: Each link to static page or email client?
  • Stage 2: Drop-down menu that covers other content.
  • Stage 3: Drop-down that dynamically moves other content down?


  • Stage 1: List of a couple events in sentence form, maybe pictures? “View All Events”.
  • Stage 2: Calendar view using HTML and maybe JavaScript.
  • Stage 3: JQuery calendar.

Three Boxes

  • Stage 1: Content different upon refresh?
  • Stage 2: Numbered links below boxes, pagination?
  • Stage 3: JQuery cycling or fading.


  • Stage 1: Static images with links and “View All” if necessary.
  • Stage 2: JQuery vertical carousel or some fading effect?

Site Feed

  • Stage 1: Avatar, name, maybe date, and comment in separate div with border. “View All” if necessary.
  • Stage 2: ┬áInclude site stats. Apply comment div with an┬áimage border that changes size dynamically, perhaps change color depending on membership (admin or regular)?
  • Stage 3: Include member actions (“updated profile”, “added an event”, etc). Cute date. JQuery again.

Member Page

  • Stage 1: Member info, portfolio (w/ individual pages), and feed. “Share and Follow”.
  • Stage 2: Add comments and view count to individual image/video pages.
  • Stage 3: JQuery…
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