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Version Control with CodeIgniter

Posted in backend, coding, organization by Brittany on April 3, 2010

When it came to redesigning, we had a problem with the base_url() function regarding assets. Eventually we want to convert the v1 directory redirect to just a root url with the contents of the v2 directory in its place. Long story short, we found Shawn McCool’s lovely article on managing assets with CodeIgniter and followed his tutorial. All you have to do is add his path_helper file, autoload some helpers, and edit the applications/config/config.php file. Instead of using his function as asset_url(), we took it a step further by making it a version_url(). So our config looks like this:

$config[‘base_url’] = “”;

$config[‘version_path’] = ‘v2/’;

So now, whenever we call version_url(), we generate the base_url with the version_path. Below is an example of how we are linking an asset (replace parenthesis with correct php format):

<script type="text/javascript" src="(?php echo version_url(); ?)assets/js/validation.js">

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The backend: How will we power our new website?

Posted in research by Owen on January 24, 2010

Now that we’ve started talking about what functions we need we can move on to discussing how to make this all happen. There are lots of Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, but rarely do you find one that at its core has all the things you need. Usually, you have to consider the extensibility of the CMS. By extensibility we mean, “how can we extend it by adding features to the core functionality?” Sometimes its easier to code it yourself, or use a helper library, also known as a framework.

Below I’ve linked to some popular CMSs and PHP frameworks that we will consider. Given what we’ve decided should be included on the front page, how should we proceed? Please do some research into these, including whether their core/extensions will allow us to do what we’ve planned. Also include some links to examples of sites coded in these CMSs/frameworks.

Here are some popular CMSs

And also some PHP frameworks that help with the construction of CMS

  • Codeigniter (I used this framework to construct Art Review, so much work would be done for us)
  • CakePHP
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