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Posted in design by christophercumbie on March 29, 2010

Some Ideas for Support Us adds. I imagined that we could use the full ad space until we picked up some sponsors, then shift to an add the size of one vertical column while we filled out the other column, and then downsize to an add the size of a single space while we fill out the second column. If thats how we want to go about it then I will make the differing sized banners. Also how do we feel about using the word ‘ad’ in the ads? I stuck with ‘sponsors’ but wasn’t sure how you guys felt about that.


A Collection of Useful Web Design Wireframing Resources – Speckyboy Design Magazine

Posted in coding, design, organization, research by Owen on March 22, 2010
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Page structure

Posted in design by callibeth on March 15, 2010
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10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines

Posted in design by Owen on March 3, 2010

Here’s an interesting read on Smashing Magazine about usability. Number 7 is especially relevant to our design work.

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More front page design variations

Posted in design by Owen on March 1, 2010

Here is something I whipped-up this weekend…

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Code List

Posted in coding, organization, research by Lin on March 1, 2010

Here is a consolidated list of codes that will or might be used on YAH. If you have comments about these codes, please leave a comment. Otherwise, edit this post to include your codes (or strike through some codes).

Misc Codes:

  • Lightview – overlay content on website  – IE 6+, FF 2+, Safari 2+, Opera 9.5+ (requires Prototype and Scriptaculous with Javascript enabled)
  • jQuery UI (demo) – user interface – IE 6+, FF 2+, Safari 3.1+, Opera 9+, Chrome
  • AddThis – sharing tool

jQuery Plugins:

  • CuteTime (demo) – makes timestamps cute
  • Captify – rollover captions on images – IE, FF, Safari, Chrome
  • Feature List (demo) – interactive “Featured Items” widget
  • InnerFade – fade any element inside a container
  • Coda-Slider (demo) – sliding tabs – IE 6+, FF 2+, Safari, Opera 9+, Chrome
  • jQuery Cycle – transition effects for container elements
  • TextInput (demo) – tokenizing autocomplete text entry
  • Growl (demo) – simple notification system – IE 8, Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, Opera 10.2, Chrome 2
  • Twitter Login (demo) – Twitter-like drop-down login
  • loopedSlider (demo) – content slider for feature boxes

CodeIgniter Codes:

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Design Iterations V2.#

Posted in design, organization by Lin on February 25, 2010

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Footer, versions 1, 2, 3a & 3b

Posted in design by callibeth on February 23, 2010

Version 4.

Version 3a incorporating Feb 25 comments.

. .. except that I’ve moved the truck and type over to the right with the About text. I like it there because it is not driving out off the screen, fits with text organization better, and is not in the same position as the header logo.

Here’s a variation (version 3b) that puts more of the information at the top of the footer:

Version 2b incorporating last of Feb 23 comments:

Two columns for the artists makes it very tight horizontally, even with the margin changes. We’d have to only list people with names <= 20 characters 🙂 Or use a condensed typeface. With only about 12px between the columns, vertical rules might be necessary to organize it visually.

(I was matching the margins on the latest version of the home page, but perhaps that’s not so important when the footer considered as a separate piece.)

Version 2, with changes according to recent comments. I’m leaving version 1 posted (below) for comparison.


I realize as I’m posting this that I’m missing a link to the site map. Very important.

Besides the footer collection in PatternTap, I looked at this article for ideas:
as well as some social-network sites.

Some issues:

  1. A separate footer for logged-in users? I couldn’t find enough reasons to make it a priority.
  2. I copied the current copyright statement for YourArtHere; perhaps it should be a little more explicit that artists retain copyright of their images, etc.
  3. List artists in the footer, or top 10, or a random selection, or just a search option for finding artists?
  4. The UI could be improved. The disparity of elements to be pulled together in the footer make UI optimization difficult.
  5. I considered SEO, but there’s room for improvement here.
  6. What is missing (besides the site map)?

Home Page + Artist Page V2

Posted in design by Lin on February 21, 2010

*Footer hasn’t been done by me yet but hopefully Beth or Chris will come up with something.

EDIT: Something for Beth to see. 🙂

Home Page V2.1

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